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What's Cooking

OXID user groups

In early summer 2012, an OXID user group for the North Rhine-Westfalia region came to life. In the meantime, they found a monthly rhythm for their very constructive meetings and already came up with great new ideas and an own internet page for it on http://www.oxid-ug.de. If you live in that area and want to get involved or if you want to establish your own user group feel free to get in touch with the NRW guys!

Join OXID user groups!

Events where you can get in touch with us:

    For more, check out oxid-ug.de.

    Help to translate OXID eShop into other languages! Go to the OXID eShop Translation Center, log in with guest|guest to see what is going on or register yourself if you can help with translations. Also, logged in as a guest, you'll be able to download the language packages. Please find all information about language handling in OXID eShop on this page:

    Translate OXID eShop into other languages

    Just arrived: OXID eShop cookbook - Solutions for OXID Developers

    We are proud to announce a new German book on OXID eShop entitled "OXID eShop Cookbook - Solutions for OXID Developers". Our kudos and thanks go to the authors Roman Zenner and Joscha Krug, and of course to the publisher O'Reilly Verlag GmbH & Co. KG.

    You can purchase the book here:

    Your OXID eShop is suited to the requirements of the mobile market. Download and install the free and open source OXID eShop mobile theme to display your OXID eShop mobile- device- optimized installation.

    Download OXID eShop mobile theme

    About OXID eShop

    OXID eShop is the trusted Open Source eCommerce system written in PHP. It is backed by a flexible range of support and licensing options, Software as a service (SaaS) offerings and additional Enterprise features.

    BitNami OXID provides a one-click install solution for OXID eShop. Download installers and virtual machines or run your own OXID eShop server in the cloud.


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